About Us


Federation for Self-financing Tertiary Education (FSTE), formerly known as “The Federation for Continuing Education in Tertiary Institutions” (FCE), was established in 1994. It aims to advance the quality, promote collaboration and share good practices in the self-financing tertiary education sector. 

FSTE membership comprises all publicly-funded higher education institutions and major non-profit-making institutions providing tertiary/continuing education in Hong Kong as well as 6 Individual Members.

FSTE members offer a variety of programmes, ranging from sub-degree to degree levels, in full-time and part-time modes, covering academic, vocational and professional streams, as well as transnational (also known as “non-local”) programmes.  Believing in life-long learning, FSTE members also provide a great majority of courses under Continuing Education Fund (CEF) in Hong Kong.

Mission Statement

The Federation endeavours to:

  1. Advance the cause of lifelong learning in Hong Kong, focusing on four sectors, namely, Self-financing Degree, Self-financing Sub-degree, Continuing Education, and Non-local Education.
  2. Raise the professional quality and standards of self-financing academic and vocational education in Hong Kong.
  3. Enhance communication with Government, industries, professional bodies and other stakeholders in the four sectors afore-mentioned.
  4. Provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and for the sharing of information and professional experience for the sectors.
  5. Encourage, support and conduct research in the context of academic and vocational education and related areas.
  6. Collaborate with Government in developing Hong Kong into an education hub in Asia and beyond.

Developing Higher Education for Next Decade