Award Titles Scheme and QF Credits


In September 2010, FSTE was commissioned by EDB to carry out a pilot exercise on the use of credits on education and training programmes under the QF, and continue to pursue another study on standardizing award titles later on.

In the pilot exercise, providers adopted the use of QF credits in the design and development of education and training programmes.  Operational guidelines on the use of QF credits were produced for adoption subsequently.

Assessment of the QF credit value assigned to a learning programme is necessary to be assured is accurate and credible. The use of credits should form an integral part in both internal QA process and external review of the programme.

On the other hand, the Award Titles Scheme aimed to simplify and standardize the use of titles for qualifications recognized under QF, and to enhance consistency in the use of appropriate titles to reflect the level and size of qualifications.

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