Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) reports to the Board of Directors. It exercises all powers required by FSTE, subject to the provisions of Articles of the Association and to the directions as may be issued by the Board of Directors, including investment and deal with any of FSTE’s monies, acquisition or sell for FSTE as well as overseeing the operation of the FSTE Secretariat via the Secretary-General. It coordinates the work of the Committees and Working Groups appointed by the Board of Directors as well as appointing ad-hoc committees/working groups, project teams or task forces at any time. It also vets applications for membership of FSTE, considers membership status and makes recommendation to the Board.

Current Term (2019 – 2021)

Chairman: Professor Ronald CHUNGHong Kong Baptist University

Vice-Chairman: Dr CHAN Cheuk HayHong Kong College of Technology

Honorary Secretary: Dr Louis MA, City University of Hong Kong

Honorary Treasurer: Dr Joy SHIHong Kong Institute of Technology

Co-opted Members:

Professor Peter YUEN, Immediate Past Chairman / The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr Benjamin CHANThe Open University of Hong Kong

Dr John CRIBBINThe University of Hong Kong

Mr LEUNG Yam ShingVocational Training Council

Ex-officio Member: Dr Dorothy HONFSTE Secretary-General

Secretary: Ms Promena PO, FSTE Corporate Services Manager

Diploma Yi Jin Programme Management Committee

The Diploma Yi Jin (DYJ) Programme Management Committee (PMC) oversees and monitors the operation of DYJ programme as a whole, inclusive of assuring its quality, organizing promotion campaign and managing admission of students. In collaboration with the Education Bureau and other stakeholders, PMC also maps out the strategic plan for the development of DYJ. PMC further promotes DYJ as an alternative pathway for secondary 6 school leavers. The qualification acquired is comparable to the attainment of Level 2 standard in five subjects including Chinese Language and English Language in the HKDSE Examination; and meeting the accreditation standards at QF Level 3 to employers, educational institutions and the general public.

Chairman: Dr Benjamin CHAN, The Open University of Hong Kong

Members: Representatives from Member Institutions

Secretary: Mr Edsel LAU, FSTE Senior Executive Officer

Membership and Membership Development Committee

The Membership and Membership Development Committee (MMDC) reviews the membership criteria from time to time. It also considers membership applications and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Chairman: Dr CHAN Cheuk Hay, Hong Kong College of Technology

Members: Representatives from Member Institutions & Dr Dorothy HON, FSTE Secretary-General

Secretary: Ms Promena PO, FSTE Corporate Services Manager

Research and Development Committee

The Research and Development (R&D) Committee studies various topical issues pertaining to the improvement of continuing education in Hong Kong to encourage R&D activity amongst local self-financing tertiary education sector. It monitors research projects undertaken by the Federation from Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) and various commissioned studies to provide assurance of overall quality and expertise of different aspects. The committee also reviews recommendations on project submission and sets up task forces for specific issues.

Chairman: Professor Peter YUEN, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Members: Representatives from Member Institutions

Secretary: Ms Mavis FAN, FSTE Project Officer

Recruitment and Student Affairs Committee

The Recruitment and Student Affairs Committee (RSAC) promotes the exchange of information amongst member institutions, including programme offered and enrolment figures. It initiates and organizes joint-institution student activities such as singing contests, basketball competition, media competition and study tours for students of its Member Institutions.

Chairman: Dr Joseph SO, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Members: Representatives from Member Institutions

Secretary: Ms Avis WONG, FSTE Executive Officer

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee formulates strategies and exercises powers vested in Executive Committee in dealing with FSTE investments.

Convenor: Dr Joy SHI, FSTE Honorary Treasurer


Professor Ronald CHUNG, FSTE Chairman

Dr Simon LEUNG, PolyU Hong Kong Community College

Dr Dorothy HON, FSTE Secretary-General

Secretary: Ms Promena PO, FSTE Corporate Services Manager