Aim and Background

With the support of EDB and other stakeholders including but not limited to Provider Institutions, FSTE launched the DAE Programme starting from the academic year 2023/2024.  To recognise endeavours and promote excellence in teaching, in 2024, FSTE introduces an annual DAE Teaching Award.


  • Full-time and part-time in-service teaching staff primarily involved in teaching DAE Programme are eligible to make self-nomination or be nominated upon the endorsement of a DAE Institution Head.
  • Each Institution is welcome to recommend up to two nominees who are expected to rank among top teachers in the Institution, achieving good to excellent teaching evaluation and/or student feedback.


  1. Impact on student learning
  2. Quality of teaching
  3. Contribution to curriculum/ course/ programme design
  4. Contribution to whole-person development of students
  5. Educational leadership

Submission Guidelines

  • As protection of personal data is of the utmost importance, please upload completed nomination form and supporting documents via Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive with password protection.  Nomination can be presented in either Chinese or English language.
    1. One page of justification in the context of the aforesaid criteria for award.
    2. Other relevant documents, such as CV of nominees, teaching plans and/or materials used, number of DAE students taught, teaching evaluation and/or student feedback, and the like.
  • Please email (stating DAE Teaching AwardInstitution Name and name of Cloud Drive) your password to


  1. Three awards would be granted, subject to Selection Panel’s decision.
  2. Each awardee will receive a trophy and a cash prize of $3,000.
  3. The nominees from each Institution would receive a Certificate of Recognition, subject to the Selection Panel’s confirmation.
  4. The wording on both the trophy and certificate will show DAE Teaching Award 2023/24.


Nomination Deadline: 28 June 2024 (Friday)
Selection Panel Meeting: July 2024 (Finalists may be invited to a brief interview)
Announcement of Results: September 2024
Prize Presentation: To be announced

Selection Panel

Chairman: Convenor of DAE Teaching and Learning Quality Committee
Members: Teaching and Learning experts (max. 3 pax)
DAE Programme Director
Secretary: DAE Officer