The Federation for Self-financing Tertiary Education (“FSTE”) welcomes The Chief Executive’s 2021 Policy Address in proposing a review on the Diploma Yi Jin subsidy scheme, so as to continue to provide an alternative pathway for Secondary Six school leavers as well as adult learners in obtaining a formal qualification for further study and career pursuits.

To cater various interests of students as well as preparing them for their studies and career, the course curriculum will be diversified and keeping pace with times.  Students eyeing on higher education may opt for associate degree or higher diploma, and articulate further; whereas students who intend to work may benefit from the development of the new economy, and the opportunities brought by the Greater Bay Area.  It is expected that the re-developed program will be a better choice for the similar type of course in the market.

FSTE also hopes that the Government will provide various subsidies to students and institutions, such as subsidizing students to participate in the Greater Bay Area study tour, providing resources for STEM learning, and providing one-off regularized grant similar to that of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, so as to enhance the quality of teaching and learning as well as supporting students with special learning needs.