Submission and Review Guidelines

All submissions related to the aforementioned areas in higher education are invited for the Conference.  Please submit abstracts of up to 400 words and ensure that you have read and understood the assessment criteria against which all proposals will be blind reviewed.

Assessment Criteria

  • Relevance: The topic should be relevant to the theme(s) of the Conference.  Contents presented in the abstract should be concise and coherent, with the focus of its relevance to an audience stated clearly. 
  • Originality: Originality of contribution to knowledge with an emphasis on the ingenuity. 
  • Novelty: The abstract should show new and innovative information, or provide interesting insight which participants can learn and apply in their institutions or context. 
  • Academic merits of work: The abstract should represent contribution to the advancement of the field, and specify how it may contribute to the development of higher education for tomorrow. 
  • Clarity of presentation: The quality of an abstract will be considered indicative of the quality of the final presentation.  Authors should prepare their abstracts with care, and assure that the readers will understand the background of the issue(s) and the objectives of the presentation.  The abstract should also give evidence indicating that the work has been, or is nearly completed. 

Selection Process

All proposals will undergo a rigorous review process based on the above assessment criteria.  The panel will adopt a holistic perspective to review proposals and develop thematic relevant.  Decisions of the panel are final.  All accepted papers will be presented either in person or through posters at the Conference. 

To submit abstract or full paper, please upload via the by 18 March 2019.  It will be highly appreciated if you could submit full paper after acceptance of abstract.

Publication Opportunity

All accepted abstracts and full papers will be published in the online Conference Proceedings.

FSTE 25th Anniversary Conference

20 June 2019