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The Quality Enhancement Grant Scheme (QEGS) was established by The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to fund worthwhile projects or initiatives dedicated to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning of self-financing post-secondary programmes.

The rapid expansion of sub-degree sector brings the needs of abundance of teaching staff. With the wide range of courses each institution offers, new teachers of various backgrounds are required and recommended to adapt to the new environment as well as to acquire necessary teaching knowledge in order to sustain the quality of teaching.

With the changes in structure and focus in the education reform, it is essential to have continuous staff development for current teachers, to enhance their knowledge and upgrade their teaching skills in order to achieve higher teaching effectiveness.

In view of the unique background of the self-financed sub-degree sector, FSTE has developed a series of Joint Teacher Training and Staff Development Programme for full- and part-time teachers who are involved in teaching self-financing sub-degree and top-up degree programmes.

The 4 main stages of the project include:

i.     Development of Programmes
ii.    Trial of Programmes
iii.   Review of Programmes
iv.   Implementation of Programmes

It includes 2 main Teacher Training Programmes (Induction Programme and Intensive Teacher Training Programme), a series of Staff Development Workshops for in-service teachers and a supporting website on updated teaching techniques and good teaching practice

The project began in February 2010 and completed in April 2012.